35k marikina-made school shoes for a cause

The city government of Marikina will be distributing 35,000 pairs of school shoes as a form of educational assistance to select public elementary and secondary school students in the city.

According to Mayor Del De Guzman, the project is a smell step towards revitalizing the city’s shoe industry through local patronage.

“Providing school shoes to marginalized public school students will greatly contribute to the improvement of these students’ performance in school. Moreover, this will also help promote and enliven our shoe industry since the local government itself will be patronizing the products of the local shoe manufacturers,” said De Guzman who also disclosed that the local government has allocated PhP19.7M for the said project.

De Guzman hopes that each pair of shoes will be used for a long time since Marikina-made shoes are more durable compared to others.

“With our local shoes having great quality, the students can use each pair of shoes for a long time and can help them save money,” De Guzman added.

Presently, 26 shoe manufacturers are currently working on these shoes which is hoped to be distributed in November, in time of the city’s Sapatos Festival celebration.

In addition, Mayor Del De Guzman requested other local government units (LGUs) in the country to encourage its people to buy Marikina-made school and office shoes instead of its imported counterpart to help support the revitalization of the city’s shoe industry which started to weaken when cheaper shoe products from China were exported to the Philippines.


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