Marikina offers free training on handicraft-making

The city government of Marikina through the Marikina Livelihood Training Center (MLTC) is currently offering free training on handicraft-making using recycled materials.

By promoting recycling, the city encourages residents to reuse environment-friendly materials and create new products from them.

The training is held from Mondays to Fridays, 1-4 p.m. at the MLTC training room at the mezzanine floor of the Marikina Sports Park . It began last September 5 and will end on September 23.

This project was derived by MLTC from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) Green Skills Training.

Mayor Del De Guzman lauded the initiative of MLTC in espousing an environment-friendly project while giving its beneficiaries livelihood opportunities.

“MLTC adopted the program from TESDA to give Marikenyos an alternative source of income while reducing the volume of trash that Marikina produces everyday,” De Guzman said.

Environment-friendly materials are being used for the training. This includes old newspapers, magazines, and even water hyacinths, and shellwood glue, an organic and chemical-free form of adhesive made from plants. It also uses recyclable materials such as sando bags.

The participants are taught 15 different designs of bags, basket, wine casing, and plate trays. They were also given business seminars to help them start on their own businesses.

According to MLTC, training fee for recycled materials handicraft-making is  PhP4,000 in a regular training center. With this, De Guzman encourages all interested parties to enroll in other projects of MLTC.

“I encourage all interested parties to sign up in a livelihood training project like this to help them learn additional skills and earn additional income for their families,” De Guzman added.

Interested parties may call MLTC at telephone numbers (02) 482-7172.


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