Major changes to Marikina’s Christmas Tiangge

Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman announced four major changes to its Christmas Tiangge or night bazaar this year in terms of its location, organizers, product mix, and rental price.

From the Marikina River Park, the city government transferred the tiangge to the Central Parking Area fronting the Marikina City Hall.

It will also be organized by the local government itself instead of private organizers which was done in the previous years.

For this year, 60 of the 506 tiangge stalls are allotted for locally made products.

“The original objective of the trade is to promote Marikina-made products to customers from outside so their money is infused into the local economy,” De Guzman said, adding that what happened in the past was the other way around — the money of Marikenyos were taken by outside retailers and siphoned out of Marikina.

The stall rental is also 40-45% cheaper compared to previous years. For the whole duration of the night bazaar, rental for each stall is PhP50, 000 for Marikina products and PhP55, 000 for non-Marikina products.

The night bazaar will be open from October 28, 2011 to January 6, 2012.

De Guzman said the threat of the river overflowing and the accumulation of trash and garbage in the river are primary reasons for the transfer of the tiangge to the central parking area.

“It was terrible to see garbage from the night bazaar floating along the river so we had to move it to avoid further degradation of the river.

The City Council is supporting the said move through an ordinance initiated by Councilor Susana Magtubo.

Another benefit is residents can now use the Marikina River Park and its jogging and biking lanes, skating rink, flower beds and tree planting pockets, picnic grove, camping ground, and playground during the Christmas Season.


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