“Make It Marikina” for the Palarong Pambansa 2012

It has been decades since the National Capital Region (NCR) hosted the Palarong Pambansa. That was way, way back in the eighties. Whatever the reason for the apparent boycott of Metro Manila, it’s about time for athletes and officials from other regions to travel back to the nation’s capital to experience the best sporting facilities and modern conveniences our country has to offer. And since travel is a great teacher that breaks mindsets and opens minds to great possibilities – what better way to celebrate this homecoming than having the games hosted by Marikina?

Other aspiring bidders may match our strength in terms of physical facilities and worldly conveniences … But, only Marikina affords each visitor the chance to learn about values that help them succeed later in life. Only Marikina has the advantage of showcasing the city itself as a school or laboratory in good governance. Ask any Marikenyo on the street and each has his own story to tell. The “Marikina Experience” is a case study of triumph over adversities. It is living proof that government works … a testimonial that proudly declares, “Yes, the Filipino can!”

While others talk about theories and debate possibilities on good governance, Marikina shows its visitors that it has been done. We assure you … when these young athletes come to Marikina to compete in sports, they will leave inspired and equipped to compete – IN LIFE. So hosting the Palaro in Marikina gives you the opportunity to mold each athlete into becoming responsible and relevant leaders of our nation, whether in the government or private sector. We challenge you to make this a truly educational experience for our young kids. By hosting it in Marikina, the Department of Education can clearly show the benefits of “Daang Matuwid” as espoused and advocated by our dear President Benigno S. Aquino. It will now be easy for these young athletes to grasp what “daang matuwid” is all about.

Then, years from now, you can look back with pride to this day when you collectively bet on our athletes to translate their short stay in Marikina into a firm resolve to practice good governance when their time comes to lead the nation and to touch our people’s lives with it.


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