Let’s pay our dues on time! -Mayor Del

Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman encourages all businessmen in Marikina to register early and process requirements necessary for the operation of their businesses such as business permits and licenses.
The application is accepted and processed from January 1 to 20 by the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) for permits and licenses for new and renewal of businesses in the city.
According to BPLO chief Atty. Nancy Teylan, the following documents are required for acquiring permits and licenses:
For new businesses:
  • Zoning Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Occupancy Permit/Change of Use of Certificate
  • Fire Inspection Certificate
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Photos of the establishment (showing signboard and sidewalk)
  • City Environmental Management Office (CEMO) Certificate
  • Lessor’s Permit (Contract or Lease)
  • Others [Photocopy of Lessor’s Business Permit and Contract of Lease, Franchise Agreement (Franchisor)]
  • National Agency Clearances [SSS Registration, SEC Certificate of Authority to operate (Lending Company)].
For renewal:
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Quarterly VAT Returns or Monthly Percentage Tax (for corporations and other BIR-registered businesses)
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Engineering Inspection Certificate
  • Fire Inspection Certificate
  • City Environmental Management Office (CEMO) Certificate
  • Contract of Lease and Lessor’s Business Permit
  • Others (CVO Inspection Certificate [Meat/ Chicken Dealers and stores only, CAM/MTCAM Registration (Computer/Internet only), MVCCI Registration]
  • National Agency Clearances [Franchise Agreement (Franchisor), SEC Certificate of Authority to operate (Lending Company)].
Teylan explained the importance of acquiring business permits, “Business permits are important as they are usually one of the requirements in processing documents for cases like bank loans. Also, it serves as proof that the operation of the business is legal, preventing unscrupulous elements from taking advantages of the business owners.”
Also, paying dues is a way of supporting the city’s coffers which are allocated and spent for various city projects. It also indicates the businessmen’s compliance to the national law that states that all business operators must acquire permits and licenses.
In September 2009, PhP384 million worth of properties, including businesses, were destroyed by the typhoon Ondoy in Marikina. However, the city showed signs of its recovery as 2,225 (as of December 15) new businesses have opened in 2011.
For the city government, it is a sign that the city has started to regain the confidence of investors.
“This will eventually translate to more jobs for our residents, as well as infuse more funds for developmental projects,” said Mayor R. Del de Guzman
De Guzman encourages businessmen to register their businesses on the given dates to avoid further delays. For more information regarding permits and licenses, contact the Business Permits and Licensing Office at (02) 646-2354.

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