Marikina to establish more rescue satellite stations

Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman ordered the establishment of Rescue 161 Satellite Stations in two barangays of the city to immediately address possible emergency situations in the areas.
This is due to the passed Ordinance no. 02, Series of 2012, which permits the establishment of Rescue 161 satellite stations for Barangay Fortune and Nangka.
According to De Guzman, the two barangays were among the densely populated areas in the city and the establishment of a satellite station of Rescue 161 is highly needed.
As stated in the City Planning and Development Office records and based on the 1.14% growth rate given by the National Statistics Office, Barangay Fortune has an estimated population of 32,791 on 2011 and is expected to rise to 33,164 at the end of this year. Meanwhile, Barangay Nangka has a population of 37,206 last year and is expected to rise to 37,631 by the end of 2012.
“Health welfare and safety is one of the city government’s priorities. By having a satellite station, we can bring those services closer to the people and the community,” De Guzman said.
With satellite stations, the Rescue 161 can immediately conduct 5-minute quick response program which was developed to address the concerns of its constituents during emergency situations.
The city government shall provide each barangay their needed ambulance, medical personnel and other needs regarding health and safety.
As of now, the Rescue 161 satellite station of Barangay Fortune can be found in its barangay hall. On the other hand, construction of the satellite station in Barangay Nangka is currently ongoing.

2 thoughts on “Marikina to establish more rescue satellite stations

  1. sa pagkakaalam ko po wala pang nakabase na 161 sa Fortune.. Ang alam ko po ay available na yung facility/building but the unit itself..wala pa po hanggang ngayon

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