Run for Marikina Watershed

Aimed at restoring the Marikina Watershed, the city government of Marikina will launch the DEL Run (Marikina Marathon) on April 22, Sunday, 5am, in the Marikina Sports Park.

The DEL Run (Marikina Marathon) is a fun run open to all which will gather funds to plant tree seedlings in the Marikina Watershed.

Five thousand (5,000) runners are expected to join the said marathon which will bring about 50,000 tree seedlings.

Currently, the DEL run’s committee is eyeing for in-kind or in-cash sponsorships for the race, as it is a marathon benefiting the said watershed.

“We hope for this event to be a success as the Marikina Watershed is the city’s first line of defense every time rain falls. Either joining the marathon or being a sponsor, this can surely save many lives from floods,” De Guzman said.

Three different categories are available in the fun run which are 5km, 10km, and 21km. The categories are also divided to Male and Female Divisions. Cash prizes shall be awarded to the runners first to complete each category.

In the 21km category, first placer shall receive PhP10,000; second- PhP7,000; and third- PhP5,000. For the 10km category, first place- PhP5,000; second- PhP3,000; and third- PhP2,000. While for the 5km, first place- PhP3,000; second- PhP2,000; and third- PhP1,000.

There are also special awards to be given away like PhP1,000 each for the first below 10 years of age to finish the 5km and 10km race. Meanwhile, PhP1,000 shall also be given to the first 60 years old and above to finish the 21km race.

For interested sponsors and runners, please contact Gil Munar, Del Run project director at telephone numbers (02) 681-9277.


One thought on “Run for Marikina Watershed

  1. This is a big joke. If restoring the water shed was really a priority you would have allocated the necessary funds after Odoy happened. You would not be focusing your time, effort and funds in organizing a run, which happens to be called “DEL RUN” meaning the mayor DEL run. What i dont understand is a run for a cause for the restoration of the water shed is named after the mayor and the ad for the run for a cause is covered mostly by his face.

    Simply it is a political campaign. A clever one with him using Ondoy and making a difference as a selling point to mask his political campaign. The mere fact this “advocacy run” was named after the mayor shows his true intentions for the run. -_-

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