Commuting? Make it Marikina.

There is one thing all of us working citizens have in common: most of us commute to work. But unlike the routine ways of rush hour commuting in other cities, here in Marikina, specially on this part of the city, Brgy. Industrial Valley Complex, everyday is an adventure. Just imagine riding a pedicab that runs along the Marikina river with this beautiful scenery. It may not be fast or even comfortable, but it is surely an experience you would want to try.


One thought on “Commuting? Make it Marikina.

  1. Marikina is Metro Manila’s garden city cos of its many parks. I’ve been to that park (the one in the picture), but I’m quite disappointed in the amount of rubbish thrown into the flowers and shrubs. I’m not pointing fingers, but I think most of the rubbish in the park was thrown by the people who live across the street, the people from Olandes. Sana magkaroon ang Marikina ng cultural/behavioural reformation campaign para matigil na ang pambababoy sa pinakadynamic na lunsod sa Metro Manila.

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