Marikina readies for rainy season

Rescue 161In preparation for the coming rainy season, Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman reminded the city government offices of the importance of readiness of equipment as well as city government personnel for any eventualities the season may bring.

With this De Guzman, ordered an inventory of rescue equipment which the city may use in times of flooding and disaster. He likewise reminded the personnel of Marikina City Disaster Risk-Reduction Management Office (MCDRRMO) and Rescue 161 to continuously conduct drills and exercises in order to further improve their disaster management and response capability.

“All disaster-related offices should be ready for any eventuality,” De Guzman said.

The city has an array of water rescue equipment such as rubber boats, PVC boats, polyethylene rescue boats, speed boats, rescue ram, life ring buoy, rescue cans, night vision binoculars, vibrascope victim locator system, wet suits, and many other tools which can be used to save lives.

Along with the instruction, De Guzman ensured readiness of the city’s rescue personnel particularly in the area of water rescue. Personnel of MCDRRMO and Rescue 161 are regularly undergoing water rescue skills exercise on a weekly basis.

In addition, the City Engineering Office regularly conducts declogging operations of the waterways through manual and mechanical procedures. In 2012, it declogged waterways in 211 streets (29,747 meters) using manual procedure, and 174 streets (22,754 meters) using mechanical procedure. In the first quarter of 2013, it declogged the same in 56 streets (7,755 meters) and 45 streets (5,650 meters) using manual and mechanical procedures respectively. The type of garbage Marikina recovers from its waterways includes plastic bags, plastic wrappers, dilapidated pieces of furniture, Styrofoam, and other debris from neighboring localities that pass through the Marikina River and other creeks.

In line with this, De Guzman calls for the participation and cooperation of everyone to help prevent flooding.

“Marikenyos continue to be disciplined in disposing of our garbage. It is those coming from our neighbors that is causing us a lot of problems,” De Guzman added.