Marikina pushes further transparency in all government transactions

Document Tracking System

The public can now access and monitor the progress of their documents sent to the city government of Marikina.


The city government of Marikina, through the collaborative efforts of General Services Office (GSO) and Management Information System and Call Center (MISCC), has recently provided the public with a Document Tracking System (DTS) kiosk located at the ground floor of Marikina City Hall.


By using this machine, the public can now personally monitor the development concerning the processing of their documents (e.g. letters, requests, purchase orders, vouchers, among others) at the city government offices. By simply keying in the tracking number in the search box and pressing the enter key or the search button, individuals can now view their document’s current location, remarks, and who, when and at what time it was received.  Tracking number is indicated below the bar code of the GSO-provided received copy of documents.


“We acknowledge transparency as a key component in providing genuine public service, especially in the government. One way of showing transparency is by providing our citizens with accessible windows of information,” said Adrian Salvador, head of the GSO and the initiator of the idea. “Through this machine, the citizens can now be informed as they now have first hand means of monitoring the progress of their documents,” he added.


In as early as 2002, the DTS used primarily by the GSO has helped in the process of organizing, tracking, monitoring, and safekeeping of documents of the city.


Now with their documents tracked using the DTS kiosk, residents have started to recognize its usefulness and marvel at how transparent a local government like Marikina could be.


“It will be of great help to us since tracking our documents will be much easier. We can personally see our document’s progress. Loss of documents can be significantly reduced or there will be none at all. With this system, I now believe that transparency is possible in all government transactions. If Marikina can do it, it can also be done in other LGUs,” said Menard Quinto, a resident of Brgy. Concepcion Dos.


With the DTS accessible, it is also hoped that transparency in all city government transactions will be pushed further.


According to records, the city government of Marikina through its GSO receives an estimated average of 150-200 documents per day.


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