Rescue personnel underwent skills training to ensure capability during disaster

Rescue 161

Despite the implementation of preemptive measures to mitigate the effects of disaster, the city government of Marikina intensifies its skills training for the rescue personnel of Marikina Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO) to help ensure the disaster readiness of the city especially this rainy season.


MDRRMO personnel underwent various trainings, namely boat handling wherein skillful maneuvering of fiberglass boat is learned; swift water rescue and water search; basic water rescue; and basic emergency response.


“Although we prioritize flood preemptive measures in order to significantly reduce instances that might require rescue, our MDRRMO consistently finds means to tackle every aspect of disaster and risk reduction management such as undergoing these significant trainings. The move is done to ensure the city’s response personnel are more than capable and equipped with proper skills should the need for rescue arises,” Marikina Mayor Del De Guzman said.


De Guzman also expressed his gratitude to other government agencies such as the Office of Civil Defense for the swift water rescue and water search and rescue training provided, as well as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority for the boat handling and basic water rescue training provided.


“We do not rest on our laurels. We see to it that despite having our system in place, we also have these skillful rescue men to rely on when situation gets worse,” De Guzman added.


To date, Marikina City has 26 rescue personnel that are ready to save lives in times of disaster. These men are specialist in all types of disaster response such as water rescue, collapsed structure search and rescue, as well as first aid management in response to road accidents and all kinds of medical emergencies. 


Existence of these skilled personnel has given residents a sense of relief knowing that the city’s response personnel have proper training.


“For me, knowing that the rescuers of the city have undergone proper training gives me relief that they know what to do. This encourages me to trust that these unsung heroes can guide us to safety once we find ourselves in an untoward situation caused by a disaster, specifically floods brought forth by the rainy season,” said Genesis Mori, a resident from Brgy. Parang. 


Since 1993, Marikina has put in place its emergency response team Rescue 161 and landline hotline number 1-6-1 which can be dialed in times of medical emergencies and rescue operations within the city. It is also now accessible to Globe mobile subscribers by dialing (02) 161.


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