Immediate clean-up

Immediate cleanup

Immediately after the devastation of typhoon Glenda, the city government of Marikina through its City Engineering Department, City Environmental Management Office (CEMO), River Park Development Office, Parks Development Office (PDO) and Volunteer Management Office (VMO) conducted clean-up drive just like what these personnel are doing at the jogging lane of the Marikina River Park. Majority of the debris that were collected were leaves, branches and trunks of trees and other light materials such as uprooted plants and plastic sheets that were battered by the typhoon’s strong winds. Yesterday, the City Engineering Department collected 40-50 loads of mini dump trucks of the aforementioned debris while CEMO collected 96 cubic meters of the same materials. Presently, the City Engineering Department is simultaneously using 18 trucks, some of which were lent by private companies to beef up clean-up operations in the city’s 16 barangays. To date, the city government resumes regular operations.



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